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***** SCAMS *****

There has been a recent increase in incidents where fraudsters are claiming to be from various police services.

Staffordshire police has received a number of reports of incidents targeting the elderly and vulnerable within our county over the past few weeks.

In this latest scam, fraudsters target elderly and vulnerable people on their home landline telephone numbers and pretend to be police officers. They come across as very polite and often give a name and reference number that can be plausible to many.

These fraudsters usually tell the victims that someone has been arrested and is in custody after being found having stolen money or found to be in the procession of a cloned card belonging to the victim. They’ll advise the victim to contact their bank to confirm. The line is then kept open as the victims speak to who they believe is the bank.

The bank then confirm that the information is true and the victim is asked to visit the bank and withdraw £5000, a short time later a courier will visit the address and collect the money from the victim.

The offenders will phone the victim several times with the calls often lasting hours. They also prep the victims with what to say if the bank question what the money is for.

If you have any elderly/vulnerable relatives or know of any in your local community, please advise them about answering their phones to unknown numbers and if there are any suspicious incidents then please call Staffordshire Police on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.


Cheshire Constabulary


Vehicle Tax Scam Alert message sent 11/03/2021 21:40:00 Information sent on behalf of Cheshire Constabulary
Police have been made aware of a scam email which informs you that the latest payment to the DVLA for road tax has failed due to lack of funds .

The fraudsters then suggest that your vehicle is now untaxed and you should make a payment by credit card to “avoid any other consequences.”

Do not respond to emails such as this but report the details to


Catalytic Converter thefts


There have been several thefts in the South Staffs area over the past week

Please park your vehicle securely

Cheshire Police also reporting more thefts