SHIFNAL CRIME – 30/10/21

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Car key burglary Albrighton An incident occurred on Elm Road, Albrighton between the evening of Thursday 28th October and 0700 hrs the morning of Friday 29th October. A property was broken into and we believe the intent was to find the keys for the vehicle parked on the driveway. Those keys were not located and the suspects left with some items from within the property.  If you have any information in regards to to this incident please call 101 quoting reference number 00098 I 29102021. Thank you for your help. It is only by the police and the public working together that we can prevent and detect crime.    Message Sent By
Sam Newbrook
(West Mercia Police, PCSO, Shifnal and Albrighton Safer Neighbourhood Team )


Scottish £50 Counterfeit Notes

Counterfeit Notes Please be aware of counterfeit Scottish £50 notes circulating in the area. On Wednesday 27th October a shop in Albrighton was targeted by two males offloading six counterfeit £50 notes.  We are urging everyone to be mindful of the notes that they are accepting, be that in a business or domestic use. These notes are usually of poor quality, sometimes with ink fading or rubbing off. A selection of them usually posses the same serial number also.  In relation to these counterfeit Scottish £50 notes, we advise that you.. Check: Compare
Always compare both sides of a suspect note with another note that you know to be genuine, looking for differences between the two. Make sure you check the size of a suspect note against a known genuine note. Check: UV Fluorescence
If you place the note under a good quality ULTRA-VIOLET light the Kelpies, the single thistle, horse drawn barge will fluoresce. Check: Gemini UV Printing
If you place the note under a good quality ULTRA-VIOLET light you will see there are areas of the note that appear as a single colour in daylight but fluoresce as two separate colours under ultra-violet. An example of this is the single thistle and the horse drawn barge.


A residential premises in the Eccleshall area was burgled on 27/10/21, & three distinctive pedal cycles were taken & still not accounted for. Details of the bikes are as follows
Image one (jj02png) is a YETI SB130, Turquoise
Image two (jj03png) is a SANTACRUZ, TALLBOY, yellow
Image three (jj04png) is a JULIANA JOPLIN, baby blue.
If you have any knowledge or seen theses bikes, please contact us & quote crime ref 0085/27/10/21