Beckbury Community Shop

On Valentine’s Day we got the news that the planning application for our Beckbury Community Shop, to be built next to the village hall, had been approved. Thanks to Paul Pleydell (Beckbury Cottage) and his team who have helped us with the preparation and submission of the application.

We have a firm quote for the building to be supplied by a company in Wem and Del Thomas (Woodthorne) has agreed to help us with the groundworks. We also have the promise of help with the internal fittings from a shop fitting company on Halesfield.

So our project is now really off and running, we just now need to raise the money to fund it all and we are looking at a target of around £25000. There are plenty of grants around for community projects and Heather Thomas (No. 64) has already started with the applications. The shop is formally registered as a “Community Benefit Society” with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and this allows us to raise funding locally by launching a Community Share scheme. By buying shares in the shop, £10 per share, you can also have a say in how the shop is run and help make it a success.

Click here to download the Community Share Application Form

Over the next month members of our shop committee will be delivering a leaflet to each household to explain this and invite people to participate. In the meantime we have attached a copy of the application form to the back of the Parish Newsletter.

A community shop in the village will benefit us all, so please help us to raise the funding to make it happen.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Why not check our FAQ’s first of all.

Click here to check our FAQ’s

You can find the Beckbury Shop Business Plan here.

Click here to download the Beckbury shop business plan

Peter Gibbins