Brisk walks in Beckbury

Discover some of the lovely walks in Beckbury

Walks in Beckbury

This is a short but invigorating walk but unfortunately not suitable for push chair users.

Taking you through woodland and for a short time alongside the meandering River Worfe, plants to look for in season are wild orchids, garlic, snowdrops and of cause bluebells.


Starting from the Church, follow the direction of the finger post go through the Church yard and the gate at the far end and then over the stile immediately after, continue along the pathway passing a cock fighting pit en route.

At the end of this pathway go through a metal kissing gate and turn right, go down some sandstone steps and continue down to Higford Lane.

At Higford Lane turn left, after a short distance proceed down a track on your right, at the bottom follow the pathway on your left as is meanders along following the River Worfe.  At the end of this path there is a sharp incline which then joins the Beckbury-Higford track, turn left again and after a short distance turn right onto another track, at the end of which bear left.

Another incline is in front of you, at the end of which you will turn right.  If you look left here you will see the centre of Beckbury and the Seven Stars pub.  Follow this track as it bears left around the bottom of the field.  As you near a five-barred gate you will see a track leading upwards diagonally across the small hill to your left, follow this track aiming for an Oak tree at the top.

As you catch your breath here cast your eyes over the view in front of you with Higford on your right, the Telford-Bridgnorth Road passing left to right in the middle distance and off to your left the Clee Hills.   Continue on this track keeping the field hedge to your right, you will then come to the Beckbury-Badger Road and turn left and continue along the road until the Church is again reached.



Whether you are doing something for charity or looking to sell an item in the village, the village pin board is for that exact reason.