The Parish Council met on Wednesday 1st November 2017

Councillor Gibbins updated the council in relation to the progress of Beckbury Community Shop. The groundworks for the shop have now started and are due to be completed by the end of November. The Community Shop has been built and should be erected by the end of November.

Councillor Steventon updated the council in relation to Smartwater. The council are in the process of purchasing the Smartwater kits. Once the kits have arrived the residents of Beckbury will have a choice of two dates to pick up their own Smartwater Kit. Our local crime Prevention Officer Mick Simpson will also be in attendance to explain how you need to mark your valuables and how to fill in the necessary paperwork. As soon as the dates are confirmed a letter will be delivered to all residents offering them the chance to collect their kits.

For those who can’t make the dates there is no need to worry as members of the Parish Council will make arrangements to ensure that your Smartwater kit is delivered to you.

Please be aware that the Beckbury Trail will take place on the 19th November. There will be more than average traffic car and foot in and around the village. There have been designated off road parking spaces made available to runners.

Carl Steventon